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Are you a sea-faring traveler, seen only for a few days at a time on land, sporting a weathered hood, a single gold tooth, and a suspicious glint in the eye? Me neither, but I do love to sail!

Welcome to the Sailing category of the Meraki Travels blog. This is where I drop sailing tips, advice, and stories from the sea and other bodies of water that I find myself on whenever I get the chance!

A red canoe hangs upside down under wooden rafters, commemorating Betty Lowman's 1937 journey to Alaska.
In 1937 Young Betty Lowman Headed to Alaska by Canoe

Hanging from the rafters, inside the Anacortes Museum and Maritime Heritage Center is a traditional …

The bow of a sail boat sits atop the serene waters of Hood Canal, low mountains in the distance.
The Hood Canal Bridge: A Link Across Time and Water

On a recent sailing trip, we untied from the docks of Bellingham Bay at sunrise on a Sunday morning.…

Day Trip Cruising Leads to Fine Dining in these Port Towns
Day Trip Cruising Leads to Fine Dining in these Port Towns

Boat travel is slow travel. By its very essence it requests the traveler to breathe deep and languid…

Patos island Lighthouse on Patos Island in the San Juans: A lighthouse on the edge of a cliff overlooking the water.
3 Lesser-Known Islands To Visit In Washington State’s Beautiful San Juan Archipelago

The San Juan Islands may arguably be the most beautiful place on earth. With their rolling fjords an…

Looking for more sailing tips? Submit your questions and I’ll add them to my topic pool. I’m always delighted to hear from my readers, and by submitting a request, you help me curate my blog so that it serves my readers more directly!