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E-Biking in Walla Walla

E-bikes on the trail in Walla Walla E-Biking in Walla Walla

A road trip into wine country

I look in the rearview mirror and see the image of our bikes. They rock slowly, back and forth, securely fastened on the rack, with the motion of the car.

The cooler is packed along with our weekend travel bags. With five and a half hours ahead of us, we hit the road early. Our next destination: Walla Walla, Washington, and e-biking in wine country.

As our bikes bounce in the back, I eagerly await the moment we can unhitch them and hit the road on two wheels instead of four. Our plan to sightsee Walla Walla on our e-bikes grows nearer with every mile.

Our Homebase

It is a long haul to Walla Walla from the western side of the state where we live. Relief washes over us, heard in audible sighs, as we pull up to our home base for a few days, the Boyer House. Situated a block from the Whitman College campus, this quaint old neighborhood and home turn out to be the perfect location to launch our sightseeing adventure.

With the historic homes, equally as old trees with lush foliage, and brick buildings these streets become a quiet meditation to ride our bikes down.

Visiting the Kinhaven Winery is the only item on our agenda, for we are here on a press trip for a local wine magazine. My interview with the owners Kasey and Cameron Davenport is scheduled for the following morning leaving us ample time to explore on our own, all by e-bike.

E-Biking In Walla Walla

As Walla Walla develops into a bike-friendly town, more trails become accessible to riders. There are bike tours around town similar to walking tours with bits of history mixed into the ride. Wherever the road less taken leads you, it will most likely meander you through rural farmland and rolling wheat fields. These paved trails wind through historic neighborhoods as well, offering a perfect way to cruise and see the city.

Other popular trails include a loop around Bennington Lake that is very family-friendly. And, of course, there are several rides leading one through wine country. Ride quaint roads through rolling vineyards. Gaze at the stunning silhouettes of the Blue Mountains while sipping a glass of your favorite wine, or beverage.

Researching the various winery biking tours, we settled on one called the Airport Winery Route. It covered all our bases, taking us through town, around the Port of Walla Walla, crisscrossing us by wineries and tasting rooms. The route passes golden pastures of wheat, green orchards, and row after row of vines. It ends at Pioneer Park, a lovely little oasis in the city with a duck pond and an amazing aviary.

A Wild Refuge in the Park

The aviary, in particular, attracted us to this 12.5-mile ride.

Inside its enclosure a bevy of doves cooed, pheasants strolled, and peacocks sang their echoing screech from within a natural habitat setting. Get up close to these beautiful birds, close your eyes, and simply listen to their calls all around you. A symphony of magic will reach your ears.

The aviary comprises a closed-in area of habitat about a block long. Inside find a manmade stream where the waterfowl congregate. A little further along the landscape changes to more bushy foliage providing better cover for shore birds. And if you look really closely you might spy the rather large snapping turtle sunbathing as a rock.

Neighborhood Park with Duck Pond In Walla Walla – Photo by MaryRose Denton

A Word About E-Bikes

E-bikes continue to gain speed and popularity. They are known for their economic as well as environmental traits, plus they are simply fun to ride. Why not slow life down a notch and feel the wind in your hair as you ride along on an e-bike?

Visiting Walla Walla, we instantly saw the accessibility in getting around town, and being on a bike is incredibly versatile. With our e-bikes, we enjoy the thrill of riding without worrying about being exhausted or drenched in sweat at the end of our ride. Perfect for anyone wishing to get out and move, no matter your age or physical condition. E-bikes are a game-changer.

They are also an option for a greener and cleaner method of transportation with the U.S. market beginning to catch on, doubling its market sales in recent years.  People are opting for e-bikes as they search for ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They offer an alternative to the number of cars on the road, use no fuel, do not require paid parking, and increase one’s exercise, all while experiencing more joy along the way.

While riding an e-bike differs slightly from a regular bike, due to they are pedal-assist (meaning the power from the battery kicks in while you are peddling), most newbies get the feel of it quickly and easily. 

Most bikes’ battery life will last about 40 miles for city riding before requiring a recharge. Charging the battery is as easy as charging a laptop, just slip it off the bike and plug it into any regular outlet for about an hour. It charges while you have a cup of coffee or perhaps kick back for a small nap.

On our rides around Walla Walla, we used a little more than half of the bike’s battery life. After returning home, we simply plugged in the bikes and by morning, they were ready to roll once again.

A variety of bike rides and routes exist in Walla Walla, whatever your needs and wishes. So get out there! What are you waiting for?

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