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A Word from MaryRose…

I come across so many beautiful things as I record my travels all over the world, and document as much as I can, but not everything gets turned into an article.

This gallery is my repository of moments that deserve to be seen, whether or not they’re right for a written piece. Every image on this page is original Meraki Travels content. These moments were captured by either myself or my partner.


MaryRose here! On our latest #PNW roadtrip, we drove through the beautiful Columbia Gorge, visiting the iconic Bridge of the Gods, the luxurious Skamania Lodge, the Merry Hill Museum, and the Stone Henge Monument, a tribute to veterans of WWI. If you follow our route, you’ll see unforgettable sites and discover captivating stories along the way, like we did! Looking to satisfy your wanderlust? Start on, where you’ll find hand-picked travel tips, tricks, and stories from yours truly, guaranteed to have you packing a suitcase. 😉 Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to learn about new Meraki Travels content and to follow along with my adventures that much closer! Happy road trippin’!

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The Columbia Gorge: A Scenic Escapade
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Sailing the San Juan Channel
Sailing Hood Canal
Maryhill Museum of Art: Home of Washington’s Stonehenge Memorial
Cruising the Columbia: A Scenic Gorge Escapade
Sailing Whidbey Island
Exploring the Aran Islands: A Scenic Paradise Off Ireland’s West Coast
IFWTWA Travel Writers Panel Discussion (Podcast)