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How to be carefree and CAR-free when you visit the San Juan Islands


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At the beginning of May, 2024, I had the personal pleasure of writing this article on the fascinating connection between Native American totem polls and Celtic crosses for

The entrance of the Palace Hotel
A haunting history at the Palace Hotel in Port Townsend

In the heart of historic Port Townsend, where Victorian buildings stand stately along Water Street, …

View of a pier on the coastline with a row of mostly white buildings and a red building along the docks.
Bridging the Atlantic: The Sisterhood of Galway City, Ireland and Seattle

Sister City: the concept instantly conjures up a sense of unity, and for good reason. Born from our …

An Amtrak passenger train makes a stop at a station under blue and pink skies.
Choo-Choose Amtrak Cascades for your next PNW adventure

It’s a misty morning in the PNW as the Amtrak Cascades train rolls into the station.…

A modern-style building with plenty of windows and a pleasant shade of tan paneling. It is a cloudy day on San Juan Island.
A stay at Friday Harbor’s Island Inn is ‘Off the Coast of Ordinary’

An eco-friendly trip to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island begins by leaving the car and walking or bi…

How to be carefree and CAR-free when you visit the San Juan Islands
How to be carefree and CAR-free when you visit the San Juan Islands

Heading to the San Juan Islands? Consider leaving your vehicle behind and go carless. Park at the An…

Two men stand back to back in the middle of a bustling city street. Captured with a fish eye lens.
An Evening With the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

Dublin, a city steeped in literary history and rich cultural heritage, has long been a haven for wri…


Push open the heavy wooden door and enter the snug, dimly lit interior. It welcomes you like an old …

A break in the brush reveals the blue waters of Hood Canal, WA.
5 Best Things To Do In Port Gamble, Washington

Tucked away from the bustling spotlight of popular destinations, underrated towns emerge as hidden g…

Wide, high view of the San Juan Islands from a mountainside courtyard.
5 Fantastic Reasons To Visit The San Juan Islands During Shoulder Season

Go with the slow is a phrase used in the San Juan Islands referring to kicking back, taking the…

A mural saying "Greetings from Bend Oregon" with scenery and flora from the area.
4 Amazing Experiences In Beautiful Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, is a small city in central Oregon recognized for its outdoor recreational activities s…

A delightful spread of food including fruit, finger sandwiches, and cookies.
How To Spend A Long Weekend In Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia

As originally published in on Feb. 11,2022 Victoria, British Columbia, is located o…

Arriving by boat into Friday Harbor in the San Juans, picture taken from the boat as it enters the harbor filled with other boats, trees, and buildings making up the scenery.
Go Wine Tasting in the San Juan Archipelago

ANYTIME of year is perfect to visit the San Juan Islands and take the pace of life down a few notche…

Discovering Wine & Tulips in the Skagit Valley

SOME FOLKS call it paradise on earth as the usually green and lush agriculture fields of the Skagit …

A lighthouse stands on it's coast in the San Juans.
Exploring the Rich History of Burrows Island Lighthouse in Anacortes, Washington

Since time immemorial, people have canoed, kayaked, and sailed around the waterways of what is known…

A red canoe hangs upside down under wooden rafters, commemorating Betty Lowman's 1937 journey to Alaska.
In 1937 Young Betty Lowman Headed to Alaska by Canoe

Hanging from the rafters, inside the Anacortes Museum and Maritime Heritage Center is a traditional …

A couple walks on the dock attached to a red building on the pier in La Conner, WA.
LaConner, Washington and White Rock, British Columbia, Sister Cities at Heart

Coming into the quaint, waterside town of LaConner one of the first things you might see is the “Wel…

Beautifully wrapped peanut butter chocolate candies, sitting in a gold box with an elegant bow.
Creating Memorable Moments With Chocolate at Forte in Mount Vernon

Karen began her infatuation with chocolate while a student at the Art Institute of Seattle’s Bakery …

Guests enjoying a tranquil private soak at Doe Bay Resort
Doe Bay Resort: What to Do, Where to Stay, and What to Eat

There are places we return to because they feel like reuniting with old friends, picking up right wh…

Aran Islands Ireland - The Traditional Music Shop
Exploring Ireland’s West Coast: Travel Guide to the Aran Islands

My Journey to Ireland The islands off the west coast of Ireland have captivated travelers with their…

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